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How To Use This Itinerary

Use these top tips to help you get the best experience out of your time in Cairns and Far North Queensland

Choose The Best Day

Top Tips For An Unforgettable Holiday

  • Choose the best weather day (least wind) for your 'Reef Day'
  • Try to group 'self-drive' days together if you are hiring a car.
  • Consider the length of tours and how your energy levels are going to feel after each day. Will you need a break?

Book Ahead

Avoid Disappointment and Book Ahead

There's nothing worse than missing out! Many tours, car rentals and restaurants book out quickly, especially during busy times in Cairns. Don't leave it to chance, book in advance! 

We have included links throughout this guide to provide you with our top recommendations. 

Travelling with Children?

It Doesn't Need To Be Hard!

As a mum, I get that the way we travel is often different when we are travelling with children.  Because of this, I've added a section below each 'day' on the itinerary with my top recommendations when travelling with children under 12 years old. Keep an eye out for the logo above for 'Family Friendly' tips

Day 1: Canyoning in Behana Gorge

Abseil down cliff-face of cool 30m waterfall into the clear waters of Crystal Canyon. Take in the untouched, natural beauty of this one-of-a-kinda slice of rainforest as you rock jump, slide, and zipline down the canyon! 

This 6 hour guided tour is suitable for children 12 years of older, but is certainly not for the feint-hearted. It's set to get your heart pumping, your knees shaking and grinning so hard your jaw hurts! If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, this is the bees knees of Cairns adrenaline activities. 

Top Tip For Families:

Canyoning is not suitable for children under 12 years old. As an alternative, I highly recommend Stand Up Paddle boarding and Snorkelling down Goldsborough Valley. It is suitable for ages and is free for kids under 8 who ride on your board with you. You'll discover an abundance of wildlife including birds, saw-shelled turtles, eels, jungle perch, and so much more.

Meander your way down through tropical rainforest, and sugar cane fields as you drift down the river on your boards. Take a break, enjoy some afternoon tea on the river banks and enjoy some river snorkelling. If you have kids that love the great outdoors, they're going to LOVE this activity! 

Day 2:  Get High Down Under

Can you honestly visit Cairns without visiting the Great Barrier Reef? Every time you enter the water is a whole new experience, and you never know what incredible memories you're going to make! 

For the ultimate reef experience, why just settle for snorkeling? This tour is my #1 favourite for seeing the reef from a unique perspective and it also happens to be the most cost effective for what you get. 

You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving across two different reef locations off the side of one of the most luxurious boats in Cairns. 

You'll also enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over the reef - a sight you'll truly never forget! There are 3 different ways you can experience this package. 

Top Tip For Families: If traveling with very small children or infants and you prefer a shorter day, you may wish to consider the following options

Option 1: Fly/Cruise Package (above): Arrive at the second location on the Outer Great Barrier Reef just in time for lunch. Spend your afternoon snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring the reef, before cruising home. 

Option 2: Visit Green Island or Fitzroy Island Instead! You can visit these islands in a half day and is my recommendation for very young children or non-swimmers.  Activities like the SeaWalker Helmet Dive, kayaking, or if you're staying on the island, you can even try your hand at windsurfing!

Option 3: Check out the pontoon below! This one is great for those who want loads of options for activities (beyond snorkeling and scuba diving). You can enjoy a SeaWalker Helmet Dive, Scub

Day 3: Horse Riding and River Kayaking/SUP! 

Just 30 minutes out of Cairns is where you'll be spending your morning navigating through bush, river and rainforest on horseback! Depending on the water levels, you may get an opportunity to take your horse for a 'swim' in the river to cool off! Expect to get wet! This is such an incredible experience, and a memory that'll last forever! 

After a thrilling morning, you'll make your way down to the river and collect your kayak or stand up paddleboard for your self-guided, self-paced float down the river. Pack a picnic! Pull up in a scenic spot along the riverbed for a relaxing bite to eat before making your way to the pickup point. 

Horse Riding with Kids? This horse riding tour is suitable for all ages (over 4yo) and riding abilities, so if your youngster is adventurous and loves animals, they're going to LOVE this! 

You'll also find some friendly sheep dogs hanging around who are always keen for a pat!

Kayaking with Kids? This tour is hands down one of my favourites. They're more than happy for you to bring your babies from 2 years old! And if your a mum to fur babies, they're also welcome to join in on the relaxing paddle too!

To make it easier on the kids, you can hire a double kayak and share the paddling.  

More Cairns Adrenaline Activities

To Get The Heart Pumping

Cairns Adrenaline Activities skydive mission beach

Skydive With A Beach Landing

Overall Rating: 4/5

Experience the rush of one of Australia's highest sky dives as you gain unparalleled views over Mission Beach and surrounds. Cherry on top? You get the land on the beautiful Mission Beach!

ATV Cairns Kuranda Queensland

Revs Up, Let's Go ATV!

Overall Rating: 5/5

Prepare to get muddy and experience the vibrant rainforest in a whole new way. Meander your way along footpaths of ancient loggers at the top of Barron falls, taste fresh exotic fruit straight from the branch, and seek out cassowaries from the seat of your ATV.

Palm Cove Kayaking to Double Island

Spot Turtles at Double Island

Overall Rating: 5/5

Jump in your kayak at Palm Cove and make your way to the beautiful double island. Take your time exploring the mangroves and coral reef, and get the opportunity to find (and swim with) turtles, small rays, fish and the occasional dolphin or whale. This tour is also suitable for kids. 

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